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29 August 2015 @ 02:51 pm
Does Mao Really Want to be Forgotten? I DON'T THINK SO.  
I came across something that a fan said online and it kind of made me think twice for a moment. According to this person (who shall remain anonymous), Mao apparently “wants to be forgotten” which is allegedly why he stayed out of he public eye during his recent visit to Japan.

I can understand if, to some people, it came across as him wanting to be forgotten, but I personally do not believe that is the case per se.

I respect other people’s opinions, but I just wanted to put my own thoughts out there as well: First off, I think that Mao staying on the DL during his visit was the proper thing to do. The guy left show business relatively recently, it would simply be improper if he showed up out of nowhere, with the context that many people (including myself) still miss him and are hopeful for his return. I’m just talking from an unbiased standpoint right now…I feel that not showing up on his friends’ blogs and such was professional of him, at least for the time being (even though heaven knows I would have died to see any trace of him).

Okay, so Ryu Nakamura-kun happened to mention him in one of his blog entries, hinting in that he was there…but does that necessarily mean Mao was okay with that? I really feel like Mao wanted to be discreet during his visit to Japan, but his friend probably mentioned it mistakenly without taking that into consideration (of course, I don’t know how true this is, it’s only my speculation). HOWEVER…

Even if that was true, does that mean Mao wants people to forget about him completely? I definitely think not. I just think he’s going about his leave from the industry in a very professional manner. And I also think that Daichan not mentioning Mao’s visit during the time was also the right thing to do on his part as well (for the reasons aforementioned).

So no, I don’t think that Mao “wants to be forgotten”, he’s just behaving in a proper way because he is currently not in show-business, and just because he visited doesn’t mean he needs to be in some sort of spotlight. As a matter of fact, after he officially retired, he transitioned properly out of show-biz, he didn’t do it abruptly “so people can forget him”. He kept his blog up for a while and updated it, showed up in some pictures with his friends and Daichan, and then slowly backed out of the industry completely until he came to America for his studies.

Mao appreciates the support of his fans, he was very expressive of that fact throughout his career, so I don’t think it’s “mean” or “inconsiderate” of him to want to remain out of the public eye right now. He’s just doing the right thing, and he doesn’t want to give anyone false hope of his return unless he decides to make it official. And that’s just how I see it.

I still have hope that my baby will be back someday, and many fans feel the same way. If anyone gets the impression that “he wants to be forgotten”, then forgotten he will be, and I really hope that doesn’t happen. Rather, respect the current situation that he is in and understand his circumstances…and most of all, please keep supporting Mao no matter what. Whether he decides to ever come back or show himself is in his hands alone, but I hope that whatever he ultimately does with his life can be supported by his fans. Don’t forget him, just love him, and if he ends up not coming back to show-business, then support and love him for the many years and works he gave us to make us happy. That is more than enough anyways.
polipoliun on March 7th, 2016 05:37 pm (UTC)
I completely agree.